Record Snowfall for Buford

The son of one of my best friends is moving to Kalamazoo, Michigan, to take a new job; and quite frankly, he’s starting a great adventure in my opinion.  He and his wife had a yard sale this past weekend and sold most of the bulky items in their lives. 

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Graduation 1935

Since we are now celebrating the Class of 2016, we thought it would be appropriate to write about past graduations and the events surrounding this milestone.  One of the best sources we have documenting school history are the old newspapers from Buford High School.  Usually, the school newspaper is not

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Paul Anderson

Two Champions in Buford, September 1955

A friend visited the Museum this week, and I felt I should share the story he told about his mother.  Many of us remember hearing about “Miss Myrt” and her success in the summer of 1955 on the WCBS-TV quiz show, “The $64,000 Question.” She won $32,000 with her knowledge

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Fifty-Nine Pupils Take Half-Holiday

One of the highest tributes that can be paid to a pupil is that of being recognized as perfect in attendance at school as well as being punctual.  This year saw almost ten percent of all pupils enrolled having no absences nor tardies accredited to them, despite the epidemic of

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Two New Parade Saddles for Museum’s Collection

TWO…TWO…I need to say it twice to let it sink in.  TWO…Ok, maybe three times.  The Museum was recently contacted by Jan Kay, a resident of Cleveland, Georgia, who wanted to donate a couple of saddles.  She knew a great deal about the saddles that she had recently acquired from

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Cotton Market

Our Beginnings

In the 1860s there were few permanent inhabitants of the area now occupied by Buford.  Silas King and his family lived in what is now downtown Buford.  William Sudderth owned land to the south and east of King. Wyatt Wilson owned more than 1,000 acres north of Buford. Other early

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Finding OUR Lost History

On one of those sleepiness nights, I found myself watching History Channel 2 (H2), the little brother to my favorite channel, which I probably do not need to name. This station is where they test new shows and air less popular programming. Brad Meltzer has a relatively new show titled

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Shadburn Bros. Catalog page1

Greek, Latin, or Harness-ease?

While looking through our only catalog from the Shadburn Brothers (circa 1910), whose company was known for manufacturing harness and saddlery here in Buford, I realized there was an entire language devoted to describing uses for leather items for horses. I chuckled at a few of the names, and then

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Shoemakers with Bat1

The Buford Shoemakers Preferred Hanna Bats

What is a Hanna bat? Once as common as Hillerich and Bradsby’s Louisville Slugger, the Hanna Batrite brand was endorsed and even preferred by many major leaguers and children alike. The Hanna Manufacturing Company began in Athens, Georgia, in 1911. The company made shovel handles, hand tools, and farm implements.

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